ULC Certified Installation and Monitoring


ULC (Underwriters’ Laboratories of Canada) is an independent safety organization that certifies alarm installations and security dealers to ensure they
comply with national standards. ULC’s Fire and Security Alarm System certificate programs provide authorities such as insurance companies or municipal governments a convenient, reliable way to identify code complying Fire Alarms and Security Systems. These certificates are issued when mandated by a requesting body to ensure compliance to National Standards in order to assess risk and determine ongoing code compliance. ULC certificates can only be issued by ULC listed companies.

Dynamic Security is a certified ULC-listed dealer which qualifies us to install, service, and maintain ULC listed Burglar Alarm and Fire Alarm systems. We also monitor ULC Burglar Alarm and Fire Alarm systems through our partnership with Global Link Monitoring Center.

Access Control


The perfect solution when the need to establish permissions to a room, building or commercial facility containing restricted materials or information.  By combining software, door controllers with proximity card readers, biometric scanners, and electronic keypads, you can effectively control entry wherever it’s needed. Systems start with as few as one entrance door, and grow to include protection of server rooms, laboratories, warehouses, and elevators.

Enterprise software allows client programming of card users, door groups, and time schedules to your desired configuration. We further integrate our systems with time and attendance programs, and provide door entrance control products including; architectural hardware, electric strikes and magnetic locks.



Camera systems today come in an array of technologies, and it’s important to understand which CCTV camera is best suited to your intended application.
These applications include day/night surveillance of perimeter yards; general observation views of office buildings & warehouses, and industrial use within extreme or harsh environments. Retail and industrial requirements may also call for specific cameras where pan-tilt-zoom or “PTZ” control, specific angle/range or lighting conditions are required.

Technologies include high resolution imaging, infra red lighting & detection; license plate capture, tamper resistant or explosion proof classifications, varifocal lens applications, and CCTV cameras designed for use within environmental housings.

Additional Services

  • Network and Telephone Cables
  • Cooler & Freezer Monitoring
  • Temperature Monitoring
  • Carbon Monoxide Monitoring
  • Panic and Medical Alerts
  • Cameras
  • Police and Guard Dispatch
  • Flood Monitoring
  • GSM Monitoring
  • Intercoms
  • Fire Alarm Monitoring
We run or terminate a variety of network and telephone cables.
Monitor a cooler or freezer to ensure temperature levels remain at a specified range.
Be alerted when temperature levels raise or drop beyond a specified range.
Be alerted when carbon monoxide levels become dangerous.
Our monitoring station is alerted to a distress signal at the press of a button.
IP or HD, in multiple shapes and sizes suited for any environment.
Have your local police or a fully licensed and trained Guard service dispatched to your home to secure the premises when an alarm is triggered.
Monitor water levels in your basement or wherever required.
Monitor your alarm system even without a landline.
View and communicate with anyone who shows up at your doorstep.
Be alerted when smoke levels become hazardous, pull station levers are triggered or sprinklers are activated.

If you require any additional services please contact us for more information.